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I recall a fantastic Playstation 1 game called simply “One.” It was one of the first third-person action games I’d ever played, and I thoroughly loved it. I want to find it again. So, guys, can you imagine how hard it is to actually search down and find a game called, simply, One? Yeah. It’s goddamned hard. EDIT: Nevermind, I finally found it on ebay. That was tricky.

Anyway, last night I tooled around with the settings of two pieces of Playstation Emulation software: PSX Emulator and ePSXe. The first one is almost perfect. It does everything wonderfully, plays without a hitch and a bare minimum of settings tweaking. Fabulous! Not really, though, as the graphics look pretty lame on a crisp LCD – this is because the software doesn’t make use of hardware acceleration, and thus the games look like they did originally. Not so bad, I guess, but… ePSXe, with the right settings, makes the games look a whole lot nicer, and greatly improves on the original appearances. This is great! Right? No, sadly, because no matter how I tweak the graphics, and no matter if I run from the PSX disks or from ripped ISO files, the cut scenes are always sped up a fraction and lack sound. That kinda blows.

I’ve had folks offer to loan me actual Playstation consoles, and I’ve even considered buying some modded ones I’ve seen on Craigslist, but I decided against it. I really want to go emulator, for two major reasons. First, if I can get ePSXe to play perfectly, the graphics will be greatly improved. But more importantly: emulators have save states. Save States might just allow me to finish some old games I’ve had for a while that I never finished on the first try due to frustration and my poor timing. Save States greatly cut down on my irritation with games that have a Do it again, stupid style of play. Save States are the only reason I was able to finish Super Mario Bros. 3. Whenever life allows me to discover that I can now play Game X with save states, it then becomes the only way I ever want to play that game again.

I also noticed that in the last two days it seems I have a problem typing the word “crisp” – almost every time, I type “crip” or “crips” first.

I’ve decided to steal the below meme format from [info]judd_sonofbert, but with a few additions to make it more personal.

Reading: Dune

Wearing: Shorts, motherfucker! Spring has finally arrived in Portland. Sadly, it’s invited over all its obnoxious cousins too, and tomorrow is scheduled to be in the 100s. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, CITY

Planning: Five Fingers game, Packing and Moving to awesome new house w/ Bethany and Bree, getting my Playstation Emulator to play sound during cut scenes, songs to sing at Karaoke tonight

Playing: Shadowrun with [info]freyis, [info]tertyl, [info]themindchasm, and [info]maitriaya, Rondo of Swords on the DS, and hopefully soon One on the PSX

Writing: Cannibal Contagion core rules. Currently I’m working on cleaning up the text and adding more example text. Still need to flesh out the example scenarios and stock monsters, but I have a feeling that will happen near the end of the design stage.

Listening: The Birthday Massacre’s “Looking Glass” EP. [info]aesthetic introduced me to this album with the last track, their cover of Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” – this EP is fabulous. At this very moment: Tool

Watching: I’ve been watching Season 5 of Family Guy (finally), and catching up on Season 3 of Supernatural. Supernatural and Torchwood both make me want to run a “Ghostbusters” style game in the Iron Kingdoms.

Dreading: The possibility that my ex just might be at karaoke tonight. I’m sure I can stand her company, but man, I’d just be happier if I didn’t have to.

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